It has come up several times recently that there is a need for our more experienced members to act as Elmers for the newer HAMs in the club. The first time this came up I got linked up with Jack Heil (KG9IN) and have spent many enjoyable hours with him. I've learned about hanging an antenna, contesting and a week or so ago got a super tour of my Yeasu FTDX1200. Most importantly, I finally got on the air.

At the April meeting we collected the names of several members who were willing to act as Elmers and the names of several others who would like their help. With a goal of linking the two I have listed the names of member elmers below.

Call Sign
Email Help Type
David McCumber N9WQ General Help
Doug Schultz N9EZF General Help
Jack Heil KG9IN General Help
Lloyd Vandervort N9RPU General Help
Marjorie Heil KC9BEN General Help
Rick Robinson N19Z Code, DX'ing, Contesting
Stan Cram A10M Contesting, General Help

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